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6th OEMC Program

6th OEMC Program

On May 25, a Referee Seminar will be held for MCR Mahjong Referees Certification.

The Registration is free, and Seminar will take place in the Salão Nobre of the Povoa de Varzim Business Association.

At 6 pm will take place a European Mahjong Association General Assembly in the Salão Nobre, with the presence od EMA Presidium Board and Country Board Representatives where the policies, guidelines and oportunities for the dissemination of Mahjong in Europe will be debated.

The May 26, 9am to 10 am in the Auditório Municipal players can make the registration, and 10pm, the Open Cerimony begin the process of the 1st day competition 


Auditório Municipal da Póvoa de Varzim

Rua D. Maria I, 56
252 619 230




6th OEMC Program - Uniao Portuguesa de Mahjong

2nd - 3rd Tournament Day

On May 27 and 28, the 6th OEMC in a very competitive ambience will define the new Mahjong MCR European Championship

2nd - 3rd Tournament Day - Uniao Portuguesa de Mahjong

Transport from Hotels to Events and Casino back Hotels

The Organization provides bus transport to the Events place and back to Hotels in the end of competition.

Players at Luso Brasileiro Hotel don't need transport from Casino to Hotel

Players at Estalagem de São Felix will have a Hotel Minibus available

Players located in diferent places in center first day must meet in front the Casino

Time tables aprox. to transport:


Transport from Hotels to Events and Casino back Hotels - Uniao Portuguesa de Mahjong